Modern Woman

Humble Beginnings

My journey to becoming a modern woman began when I was at the ripe old age of four. My family lived in Bucharest, Romania. During a visit to a zoo (I think it was a zoo because my parents were very concerned about the ostriches taking one of my fingers), I asked my mom to teach me how to spell my name.

I know. I have excellent timing.

Likely, because we were at the zoo and my mom probably didn’t have a pen on her, she said, “not now – you’re too young.” These words, coming from a stressed and, at the time, pregnant woman, were meant to delay me until we were back at home in our cement house we shared with a multitude of cockroaches.

… but it did more than delay me. It shut me down. I never asked here again. She never meant for this to happen, but it did. As a result, I had to wait until I was five, in America, in kindergarten with a bunch of kids (to whom I couldn’t relate) to learn how to spell my own name.

I realize now that these events are normal – not traumatic the way my brain stored these memories. But somehow, these events instilled in me the desire to be educated. My mom has a high school diploma and always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.

There were many times, in our kitchen, when she would rag on moms who worked full time and didn’t have time to raise their children. I couldn’t tell her then, but I secretly wanted to be one of those moms.

Thankfully, as an almost 30-year-old, my mom and I have worked out our differences. I am educated, gainfully employed, and enjoying my life as a modern woman who has no intention of being a stay-at-home mom.

That’s not to say I don’t value stay-at-home moms. My mom is cool and talented in ways many people are not. For example, she’s a faster swimmer than most people on the planet and thoroughly enjoys beating all but maybe one or two 20-something-year-old men in the triathlons she regularly competes.

All this to say, this blog is a place to share what I’ve learned overcoming obstacles to becoming a “modern woman.” Mostly, I’m interested in money. Why?

Remember the first part of this story? The part where I lived in a cement hut with about a million cockroaches?

Yeah, poverty isn’t fun. America is a place of opportunity, especially when you’ve experienced other places where there is next to zero opportunity. I hope this blog will be a place where you can learn to maximize your experience as a modern woman (or man) in a country filled to the brim with opportunity, diversity, and democracy. I hope you’ll also learn how to become holistically wealthy and be inspired to share your wealth with those who have less than you.